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Seoul, the capital of Korea, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia. With tradition and modern culture
coexisting, Seoul is a city with countless sights to see and places to visit such as the ancient palaces, traditional markets,
and high-end shopping districts, therefore travelers can pick a tour best suited to their interests.
  • Where to go
  • How to go
    Seoul City Tour Bus
    The Seoul City Tour Bus offers organized shuttle tours of
    the city's most popular and noteworthy attractions through
    circular routes. With one ticket valid for the day, tourists may
    hop-on and –off at any of its destinations to visit the attractions
    of their choice (except for the nighttime tours which are non-stop).
    The Seoul subway has been voted consistently as one of the best in
    the world for its ease of use, cleanliness and frequency of service.
    It consists of lines 1 through 9 plus the Jungang Line, Bundang Line,
    and Gyeongui Line and each line can be distinguished by its representative
    color as well as signs and maps found throughout each station so that
    native Koreans and foreigners alike can use the subway system with ease.
    Taxis in Seoul are some of the cheapest in the world as well as a useful
    means of transportation. Taxis can be flagged down on the streets from
    just about anywhere. International Taxis, specifically created for foreign
    tourists, offer proficient foreign language service (commonly English).
    These can be reserved in advance, or flagged from the street. International
    taxis are black with "International" written on their side.
  • Are you planning a trip?
    Visit Korea
    The official website operating by Korea Tourism Organization.
    Visit Seoul
    The official Seoul City Tourism Website

  • BUSAN, the number one marine city
  • Located in the southeast region of the Korean peninsula, Busan is the country's largest port city boasting an abundance
    of coastal tourist attractions, historical and cultural sites, and trendy shopping areas. Some of Busan’s major attractions are Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Resort Park, BEXCO, Jagalchi Market, Dalmaji-gil Road. The Night View shows some of
    the city's most fascinating nighttime attractions.

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  • GYEONGJU, full of UNESCO heritage
  • The City of Gyeongju is located in southeast Korea and has an important and rich history. For centuries, the city served
    as the capital of the Silla Dynasty (57-935 BC), the longest period of reign in the history of Korea. Even today, you'll find
    ancient landmarks blanketing the city, standing as proud testaments to a bygone era. These ancient relics are such
    an integral part of the landscape that the whole city has been designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage (known
    collectively as the "Gyeongju Historic Areas") and the city is commonly known as "museum without walls" thanks to
    its many artifacts.

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  • JEJU ISLAND, the wonder of nature
  • Jeju, the largest island in Korea, is an isolated island southwest of the mainland of Korea and has a mild oceanic climate
    throughout the year with the smallest annual temperature range. It came into existence 700 to 1,200 thousand years
    ago when lava spewed from a sub-sea volcano.

    Since Jeju island has unique natural beauty, it becomes the only place in the world with three UNESCO certifications:
    the Biosphere Reserve (2002), UNESCO World Heritage site (2007), Global Geopakrs (2010). In addition, Jeju island was
    selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature (2011).

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