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J. Claude HEMPHILL, United States / Professor

Department of Neurology and Neurological Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
[Educational Background]
• 1990
- MD – Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

[Work Experience]
• 1996-2014
- Director of Neurocritical Care, San Francisco General Hospital
• current
- Professor of Neurology and Neurological Surgery University of California, San Francisco

[Publications Featuring Your Research Findings within Last 5 Years]
• Hemphill JC III, Farrant M, Neill TA. Prospective validation of the ICH Score for 12-month functional outcome. Neurology
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predictive models after intracerebral hemorrhage. Neurology 75:626-633, 2010
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Macdonald RL, Messe SR, Mitchell PH, Selim M, Tamargo RJ. Guidelines for the management of spontaneous
intracerebral hemorrhage. A Guideline for Healthcare Professionals from the American Heart Association/American
Stroke Association. Stroke 41:2108-2129, 2010
• Hemphill JC III. The effect of decompressive hemicraniectomy on brain temperature after severe brain injury.
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Neurology 7:451-460,2011
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• Diringer MN, Bleck TP, Hemphill JC III, Menon D, Shutter L, Vespa P, Bruder N, Connolly ES, Jr., Citerio G, Gress D,
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disability and treatment in malignant MCA infarction. Neurocritical Care (epub February 19, 2014)

• 2014
- President, Neurocritical Care Society