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William HURFORD, United States / Professor and Chairman

Department of Anesthesiology
University of Cincinnati
[Educational Background]
• 1977
- A.B. Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
• 1981
- M.D. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

[Work Experience]
• 1981-1982
- Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
• 1982-1986
- Clinical Fellow in Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
• 1986-1989
- Instructor in Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
• 1990-1997
- Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
• 1997- 2003
- Associate Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
• 2003-
- Professor and Chair, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology

[Publications Featuring Your Research Findings within Last 5 Years]
• Hurford WE. The video revolution: A new view of laryngoscopy. Respir Care 2010 55:1036-45.
• Bennett S, Hurford WE. When should sedation or neuromuscular blockade be used during mechanical ventilation?
Respir Care 201156:168-176.
• Wojciechowski P, Hurford W. Pharmacology of the Airways. In: Slinger P (ed.) Principles and Practve of Anesthesia
for Thoracic Surgery, 1st Edition. Springer. New York, New York: Springer, 2011:121-132.
• Phero JC, Patil YJ, Hurford WE. Evaluation of the Patient with a Difficult Airway. In: Anesthesiology, 2nd Edition,
Editors Longnecker, Brown, Newman and Zapol. McGraw-Hill, 2012: 118-130.
• Hurford WE, Staubach K. A hospital policy for procedural sedation in the non-intubated patient. Int Anesthesiol Clin,
2013 Spring 51(2):1-22.
• Hurford WE. Controversies and considerations in formulating a hospital policy for procedural sedation. Int Anesthesiol
Clin, 2013 Spring 51(2):23-32.
• Mechlin M, Hurford WE. Emergency tracheal intubation: Techniques and outcomes. Respir Care, 2014 59:881-94.
• Fitzsimons MG, Hurford WE. What works in a patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome? In: Fleisher LA, ed.,
Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology. 2nd edition. Philadelphia: Saunders, in press.

• 1993
- Antarctic Service Medal, in recognition of valuable contributions to exploration and scientific achievement, U.S.
Antarctic Research Program, National Science Foundation
• 2002
- Fellow, American College of Critical Care Medicine
• 2012
- Presidential Citation, Society of Critical Care Medicine