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Michael PINSKY, United States / Professor / Vice Chair Academic Affairs

Department of Critical Care Medicine
University of Pittsburgh
[Educational Background]
• 1971
- BSc, McGill University, Canada
• 1974
- MD, CM, McGill University, Canada

[Work Experience]
• 1974-1978
- Medical Resident and Pulmonary Fellow, Stanford University, USA
• 1979-1981
- Cardiopulmonary Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, USA
• 1981-1986
- Assistant Professor, Medicine and Anesthesiology, University of Pittsburgh, USA
• 1987-1991
- Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, USA
• 1991-2001
- Professor, Anesthesiology, University of Pittsburgh, USA
• 2001-present
- Professor of Critical Care Medicine, University of Pittsburgh USA

[Publications Featuring Your Research Findings within Last 5 Years]
1. Maas JJ, Geerts BF, de Wilde RBC, van den Berg PCM, Pinsky MR, Jansen JRC. Assessment of venous return
curve and mean systemic filling pressure in post-operative cardiac surgery patients. Crit Care Med 37(3): 912-918,
2009. (PMID: 19237896)
2. Alhammouri M, Kim HK, Mokhtar Y, Cannesson M, Tanabe M, Gorcsan III J, Schwartzman D, Pinsky MR. Effects of
different left ventricular pacing sites on contractile synchrony and cardiac performance. Crit Care & Shock 12(2): 67-
84, 2009. (PMID: 21949483 PMCID: PMC3178394)
3. Simon MA, Mathier M, Deible C, Madan S, Goitein O, Lacomis J, Shroff SG, Pinsky MR. Phenotyping the right
ventricle in patients with pulmonary hypertension. Clin Translat Sci 2 (4):294-299, 2009. (PMID: 20443908: PMCID:
4. Simon M, Deible C, Mathier M, Shroff S, Pinsky MR, Lopez-Candales A. Tissue Doppler imaging of right ventricular
decompensation in pulmonary hypertension. Congestive Heart Failure 15(6): 271-276, 2009. (PMID: 19925505 PMCID:
5. Gomez H, Mesquida J, Simon P, Kim HK, Puyana JC, Ince C, Pinsky MR. Characterization of tissue oxygen
saturation and the vascular occlusion test: Influence of measurement sites, probe sizes and deflation thresholds. Crit
Care 13 (Suppl 5): S3, 2009 (PMID: 19951387: PMCID: PMC2786105)
6. Namas N, Ghuma A, Torres A, Polanco P, Gomez H, Barclay D, Gordon L, Zenker S, Hermus L, Zamora R, Rosengart
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TNF- response is a hallmark of survival following trauma/hemorrhage. PLos One Medicine 4(12): e8406, 2009.
(PMID: 20027315: PMCID: PMC26794373)
7. Lamia B, Tanabe M, Kim HK, Gorcsan III J, Pinsky MR. Quantifying the role of regional dyssynchrony on global
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Ksomos A, Cohen S, Kompan L, Ho K, Abroug F, Kaarlola A, Gerlach H, Kyprianou T, Michalsen A, Chevret S,
Schlemmer B Conflicus Study Investigators and for the Ethics Section of the European Society of Intensive Care
Medicine.(Pinsky MR one of the contributors) Prevalence and factors of intensive care unit conflicts: the Conflicus
study. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 180(9):853-860: 2009. (PMID: 19644049)
9. Zenker S, Polanco PM, Torres A, Clermont G, Kim HK, Vodovotz Y, Pinsky MR, Namas RA, Puyana JC. Very low
frequency variability in the peripheral circulation: the possibility of plethysmographic quantification. Eur J
Anaesthesiol 26(6):522-524, 2009.
10. Van Pelt DC, Schulz R, Chelluri L, Pinsky MR. Patient-specific, time-varying predictors of post-ICU caregiver burden:
The caregiver-outcomes after ICU discharge project. Chest 137(1): 88-94, 2010.(PMID: 19762552: PMCID:
11. Schwartzman D, Johnson L, Tanaka H, Ota T, Gorcsan J III, Lamia B, Pinsky MR, Shroff SG. Dynamic and site-
specific impact of ventricular pacing on left ventricular ejection fraction. Heart Rhythm 7: 813-819, 2010. (PMID:
20206298 PMCID: PMC3771404)
12. Vincent JL, Singer M, Marini JJ, Moreno R, Levy M, Matthay MA, Pinsky MR, Rhodes A, Ferguson N, Evans T,
Annane D, Hall JB. Thirty years of critical care medicine. Crit Care 14(5): 310, 2010. (PMID: 20550727 PMCID:
13. Pinsky MR. Complexity modeling: Identifying instability early. in: Singer M & Matthay MA (eds.) Thinking outside the
box: Proceedings of a Round Table Conference in Brussels, Belgium, March 2010. Crit Care Med 38(10): S649-S655,
2010. (PMID 21164410)
14. Hadian M, Kim H, Severyn DA, Pinsky MR. Cross-comparison of cardiac output trending accuracy of LiDCO, PiCCO
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15. Geerts BF, Maas JJ, Lagrand WK, Aarts LP, Pinsky MR, Jansen JRC. Partitioning the resistances along the vascular
tree: effects of dobutamine and hypovolemia in piglets with an intact circulation. J Clin Monit Comp 24:377-384, 2010.
(PMID: 20803060)
16. Hadian M, Severyn D, Pinsky MR. The effects of vasoactive drugs on pulse pressure and stroke volume variation in
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derived from statistical distributions of vital signs. Resuscitation 82: 1013-1018, 2011. (PMID 21482011)
21. Expert Round Table on Ultrasound in the ICU. (Pinsky MR one of 29 collaborators) International expert statement on
training standards for critical care ultrasonography. Intensive Care Med 37(7): 1077-1083, 2011. (PMID 21614639)
22. Mesquida J, Kim HK, Pinsky MR. Effect of tidal volume, intrathoracic pressure and cardiac contractility on variations in
pulse pressure, stroke volume and intrathoracic blood volume. Intensive Care Med 37(10): 1672-1679, 2011. (PMID:
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27. Johnson L, Lamia B, Kim HK, Tanabe M, Gorcsan J, Schwartzman D, Shroff S, Pinsky MR. Physiological relevance of
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45. Pinsky MR. My paper 20 years later: Effect of positive end-expiratory pressure on right ventricular function in humans.
Intensive Care Med 40(7): 935-941, 2014. (PMID: 24760121)

• 2002
- Docteur honoris causa (Dr. h.c.), Université René Descartes Paris V (La Sorbonne), Paris, France
• 2004
- Sodalem honoris causa, Bohemian Society of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Acute Care Medicine, Czech
• 2009
- J. Earl Wynands Endowed Lectureship in Cardiac Anesthesiology, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada
• 2010
- Profesor Honoraria, Universidad de Iberoamérica, San José, Costa Rica
• 2010
- Honorary Member, Academia Colombia de Medicina Critica, Bogotá, Colombia
• 2011
- 1st Gertie Marx/FAER lectureship, Society of Obstetrical Anesthesiology and Perinatology
• 2012
- Master (MCCM), College of Critical Care Medicine
• 2012
- Visiting Professor, Peking Union People’s University, China
• 2012
- Honorary Member, European society of Intensive Care Medicine
• 2013
- SMART Distinguished Achievement Award, Milano, Italy